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Medieval Worldbuilding Information
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I'm a doctoral student in medieval history. Whenever I'm doing research, I always seem to turn up information about medieval daily life that's thoroughly nifty and completely irrelevant to my dissertation. I often make note of the sources so that when I'm done with this degree and the thought of writing anything that isn't the diss doesn't fill me with guilt, I'll have a kick-ass set of worldbuilding notes for a fantasy novel. I've also noticed that more and more of the information I've found is now available on the internet, making it easier to share with minimal effort. As a result, I thought I'd start organizing my notes by putting them into a LiveJournal. If you're interested in reenactment, roleplaying or writing fantasy and historical fiction, feel free to friend me or drop by occasionally.

Note: Since I can't read Russian, I assume that all Russian comments are spam and delete them.

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